The Cinnamon Tree

Since 2006

Authentic Indian Cuisine, Sidmouth, East Devon

The Cinnamon Tree, named after the staple spice of Bengali cuisine, is a labour of love. Our journey started with a passion to bring the authentic, exquisite tastes of Bengal to the charming locality of Sidmouth. We invite you to share in our story, one that unfolds with every spice-laden dish that leaves our kitchen.

Indian Cuisine

In the heart of our cuisine are the vibrant, bold flavours of Bengal. Each dish, lovingly crafted by our talented chefs, brings with it a story from our homeland - be it the rich, comforting 'Murgh Makhani' that warms your soul or the zesty 'Chingri Malai Curry' that teases your palate with its delectable layers of flavour.

Our Ingredients

At The Cinnamon Tree, we believe in using the freshest, highest quality ingredients to prepare our dishes. Our produce is sourced locally whenever possible, contributing to the community we love while ensuring you taste the peak of freshness in every bite.

Our Atmosphere

Step into The Cinnamon Tree and immerse yourself in an atmosphere that beautifully blends the traditional and the contemporary. Our elegant decor exudes warmth and a sense of homeliness, making you feel welcomed and comfortable as you savour your meal.

Visit The Cinnamon Tree

We warmly welcome you to dine with us at The Cinnamon Tree. Experience the authentic flavours of Bengal, relish our hospitality and let our restaurant be your gateway to an enchanting culinary adventure. Come visit us at our convenient location in Sidmouth, Devon - your table awaits.

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